LXII Convegno
Gruppo Embriologico Italiano
Napoli, 20-23 giugno 2016

GEI2016 Napoli: Programma

15,00 Registrazione dei partecipanti
15,30 - 16,00Saluti
16,00 - 16,30Ricordo del prof. Armando Sabbadin
16,30 - 16,50F. Gasparini, Padova: The developmental biology of the colonial ascidian Botryllus schlosseri. From Armando Sabbadin’s breakthrough studies to new scenarios for still unsolved questions.
17,00 D. Magnani (MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Univ. of Edinburgh, UK): Generation of oligodendrocytes from human induced pluripotent stem cells: from neurodevelopment to neurodegeneration.
18,00 - 19,30Associazione Musicale Flegrea, Napoli: Concerto Corale
20,30 Pizza di Benvenuto:
Palazzo Petrucci - Piazza S. Domenico maggiore
I. Neuronal development: order and disorder
(Chairmen: Simona Casarosa - Bice Avallone)
9,10 - 9,30D. Rasino, Genova: Expression of lin-28 genes in amphioxus and zebrafish: evidence for an evolutionary conserved role in the brain development.
9,30 - 9,50M. Andreazzoli, Pisa: Role of the chromatin regulator setd5 during zebrafish brain development.
9,50 - 10,10S. Bettini, Bologna: Developmental pathway of the calretinin(+)-s100(+) subfraction of crypt cells population in the olfactory organ of Poecilia reticulata from birth to sexual maturity.
10,10 - 10,30V. Maselli, Napoli Federico II: Pre-birth sense of smell in wild boar (Sus scrofa), the ontogeny of olfactory mucosa.
10,30 - 10,50M. Tizzano, Napoli Federico II: Hoxb1 and Hoxb2 are involved in the determination of the rhombomere 4-derived vestibular system.
10,50 - 11,10Coffee Break
I. Neuronal development: order and disorder (cont.)
(Chairmen: Fiorenza De Bernardi - Massimiliano Andreazzoli)
11,10 - 11,30E. Benedetti, L'Aquila: Role for PPAR trascription factors in the energetic metabolic switch occurring during neurogenesis.
11,30 - 11,50A. Messina, Trento: Autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa: targeting IMPG2.
11,50 - 12,10Y. Bozzi, Trento: Interneuron defects during postnatal development of somatosensory cortex of engrailed 2 knockout mice, a model of autism.
12,10 - 12,30S. Casarosa, Trento: Impaired neuronal differentiation of en2 -/- neural stem cells.
12,30 - 12,50S. Monticelli, Pisa: Functional characterization of novel genes involved in brain aging and development.
13,00 - 14,30Colazione di Lavoro
I. Neuronal development: order and disorder (cont.)
(Chairmen: Adamaria Tata - Mario Pestarino)
14,30 - 14,50R. Pennati, Milano: Larval and adult nervous systems in Rhabdopleura meronuda.
14,50 - 15,10R. Piovesana, Roma La Sapienza: Anti-proliferative and anti-migratory effects mediated by M2 muscarinic receptors in Schwann-like cells induced from adipose mesenchymal stem cells: implications in nerve regeneration.
15,10 - 15,30I. Cristofaro, Roma La Spienza: Cross talk between M2 receptor and Notch1/EGFR pathway in glioblastoma cancer stem cells: implication in cell proliferation.
15,30 - 16,00M. Piscitelli, ENEA CR Casaccia, Roma: Legislation on animal experimentation: mediating between animal rights associations and the scientific community.
16,00 - 16,20Coffee Break
II. Gametogenesis and Reproduction
(Chairmen: Marina Prisco - Riccardo Talevi)
16,20 - 16,50R. Gualtieri, Napoli Federico II: Female fertility preservation.
16,50 - 17,10L. Bosco, Palermo: Relationship between DNA fragmentation index and PAKT in cumulus cells: new markers of oocyte competence.
17,10 - 17,30M. Santonastaso, Napoli SUN: Negative impact on ovarian reserve due to intracellular oxidative stress in human granulosa cells.
17,30 - 17.50C. De Canditiis, Napoli Federico II: Assessment of vitrification-induced structural damages in matured bovine oocytes by raman microspectroscopy.
17,50 - 18,10T. Cerullo (Leica Microsystems Srl): Combining confocal and light sheet fluorescence microscopy: Leica TCS SP8 DLS.
18,30 Riunione Consiglio Direttivo GEI
  Cena libera
II. Gametogenesis and Reproduction (cont.)
(Chairmen: Gabriella Chieffi - Maria Maisano)
9,20 - 9,40R. del Gaudio, Napoli Federico II: Insulin-like 3 (INSL3) expression in Danio rerio: molecular and bioinformatics studies to explore evolution of its function in vertebrates.
9,40 - 10,00A. Santillo, Napoli SUN: Steroidogenic enzyme and sex hormone receptor gene expressions in the brain of the frog Pelophylax esculentus: seasonal changes and sex dimorphism.
10,00 - 10,20M. Verderame, Napoli Federico II: New insights on the biosynthetic interference of estrogen- like compounds on Podarcis sicula male.
10,20 - 10,40L. Rosati, Napoli Federico II: Role of P450 aromatase in Podarcis sicula testis.
10,40 - 11,00M. Prisco, Napoli Federico II: PACAP/Receptors system in Coturnix coturnix testis.
11,00 - 11,30Coffe break
II. Gametogenesis and Reproduction (cont.)
(Chairmen: Anna Maria Cimini- Roberto Gualtieri)
11,30 - 11,50V. Barbato, Napoli Federico II: Antixodants protect sperm against damage and improve their ability to support embryo development.
11,50 - 12,10M. Di Lorenzo, Napoli Federico II: Effects of dibutylphthalate on human prostate cells.
12,10 - 12,30V. Migliaccio, Napoli Federico II: High fat diet contributes to testicular toxicity induced by DDE in rats.
13,00 - 14,30Colazione di Lavoro
III: Model systems for morphogenetic studies
(Chairmen: Valeria Franceschini - Michela Ori)
14,30 - 14,50M. Miranda, L'Aquila: The cell death phenomenon during tuber ectomycorrhiza morphogenesis.
14,50 - 15,10L. Manni, Padova: When a developmental biology model species changes name: the case of Ciona intestinalis.
15,10 - 15,30F. Cima, Padova: First description of a histamine receptor of class 2 (HRH2) in a protochordate: expression during blastogenesis and role in regulation of ciliary beat frequency.
15,30 - 15,50P. Simoniello, Napoli Parthenope: Teratogenic effects of thermal stress on lizard Podarcis sicula embryos.
15,50 - 16,10M. Campione, Padova: ANKRD1 overexpression in the developing myocardium causes anomalous venous return and morphogenetic defects by imparing cardiac remodeling.
16,10 - 16,30Coffee Break
III: Model systems for morphogenetic studies
(Chairmen: Gabriella Tocco - Lucia Manni)
16,30 - 16,50C. Gargioli, Roma Tor Vergata: 3D Bio-printing and muscle derived pericytes for artificial skeletal muscle human-like size.
16,50 - 17,10S. Testa, Roma Tor Vergata: Towards an artificial tendon tissue.
17,10 - 17,30J. Wiedemann, Technische Universität Darmstadt: Changes in the morphology and differentiation of human skin after irradiation.
17,30 Assemblea dei Soci GEI
20,30 Cena Sociale
Grand Hotel Parker's, Corso Vittorio Emanuele135, Napoli
IV. Developmental toxicity of nanoparticles
(Chairmen: Anita Colombo - Rosa Carotenuto)
9,20 - 9,40M. Maisano, Messina: Exposure of sea urchin Arbacia lixula embryos to CuO NPs affects larval morphogenesis, neurotransmission and skeletogenesis.
9,40 - 10,00F. Mottola, Napoli SUN: In vitro modulation of cadmium genotoxicity by TIO2 nanoparticles in Dicentrarchus labrax embryonic cells (DLEC).
10,00 - 10,20M. Saibene, Milano Bicocca: Developmental and cell toxicity of the positively-charged BPEI-coated silver nanoparticles.
10,20 - 10,40G. Bernardini, Varese Insubria: Cobalt oxide nanoparticles can enter inside the cells by crossing plasma membranes.
10,40 - 11,00Coffee Break
V. Developmental toxicity of metals and chemical substances
(Chairmen: Mariacarmela Roccheri- Giovanni Bernardini)
11,00 - 11,20C. Martino, Palermo: Toxicity induced by gadolinium ions on developing sea urchin embryos.
11,20 - 11,40A. Colombo, Milano Bicocca: A glyphosate micro-emulsion formulation widely used worldwide displays teratogenicity in Xenopus laevis.
11,40 - 12,00C.M. Motta, Napoli Federico II: Potential toxicity of improperly discarded exhausted photovoltaic cells.
12,00 - 12,20A. Monaco, Napoli Federico II: Adverse effects of cadmium and aluminum on zebrafish development.
12,20 - 12,40A. Capaldo, Napoli Federico II: Environmental cocaine concentration effects on Danio rerio development.
12,40 - 13,00M.M. Pallotta, Napoli Federico II: Neurotoxic effects of chlorpyrifos exposure on neonatal mice.
13,00 Chiusura dei Lavori
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